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Aerospace Engineering

B&B Fabrication, Leaders in Aerospace Machining

We've established 100% quality as our minimum requirement


Swiss Turning

B&B Fabrication's Daewoo Puma 400

We utilize a variety of the most accurate, high-speed turning centers


Waterjet Cutting

B&B Waterjet Cutting

Exact precision abrasive waterjet cutting services customized for you


Tube Bending and Fabrication

B&B Fabrication's Tube Bending

Tube bending services to accomodate your large-scale & high-quality needs


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B&B Fabrication CNC Swiss Turning, Milling & Drilling + Waterjet Cutting Specialists


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B&B Fabrication's extensive machining, tooling, turning, drilling, and milling capabilities include CNC Swiss turning, water jet, tube bending, as well as tool building. We have a passion for manufacturing, and an unrivaled commitment to exceeding your expectations. If your current machining and tooling supplier doesn't make your life easier, please carefully consider that we specialize in seamlessly stepping in to start solving your situation sooner than seems possible. B&B Fabrication: serving you first.

CNC Swiss Turning

B&B Fabrication has CNC Swiss turning with bar feeding capabilitiesWe provide CNC Swiss Turning services that are second to none. Call  (623) 581-7600 during business hours to get your questions answered right away, otherwise, feel free to leave a message.

Waterjet Cutting

BBFabrication-waterjet cutting rfs 1B&B Fabrication is well-known locally for our waterjet cutting, and depending upon your needs we're able to provide customized waterjet cutting when your specifications call for it.

CNC Tube Bending

B&B Fabrication Tube Bending CapabilitiesTube Bending Fabrication is something that we're experts at. You can rest assured with our extensive experience.

Robotic Welding

Sometimes, only Robotic Welding will get a specific job done right. We know exactly when that's necessary. Precise welds equal peace of mind.


CNC Machining Centers

B&B Fabrication has a number of Haas & Okuma CNC Machining CentersOur CNC Machining Centers have been proven producers for decades in the aerospace engineering industry. We have always been committed to staying on the cutting-edge.

Hand-Finished / Deburring

B&B Fabrication's Handfinish / Deburring Department Can Fine-Tune to Your NeedsAttention to detail has served our Hand-finish & Deburring department well. We take great pride in providing you with precise textures and custom levels of smooth finishes.

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